vintage lens: comparsion 16mm vs fullframe

i did little comparison between 16mm lens on 1 inch from nikon V1 and 35mm fullframe lens on APS-C sensor on Sony NEX5T. both lenses have similar prices on ebay for used models. (less than 80$) both lenses are pretty sharp. nikon V1: iso 100, @F1.4, 25mm, vintage super16-C mount lens: 100% cropsony NEX5T: isoContinue reading “vintage lens: comparsion 16mm vs fullframe”

review: nex5 with industar-69 28mm F2.8

i got on bay industar-69 28mm F2.8 for 30 bucks from ukraine. and old lens for old russion camera from early 70’s. with the leic m39 adapter it makes pretty small package together with nex5. there old lenses and heavly used. same of the lense can have lot vignette or scratches etc. same people buyingContinue reading “review: nex5 with industar-69 28mm F2.8”

review: nex5 and minolta rokkor 45mm F2.0 lens

same time ago i bough a lens on ebay for 40 bucks. the minolta rokkor-x 45mm F2.0 prime lens. its really old lens, manuel focus, but really good optics. with a adapter, i got really high end lens.the focus peaking helps the find focus fast but for really sharp images you need “MF assist” optionContinue reading “review: nex5 and minolta rokkor 45mm F2.0 lens”

review: sony nex 30mm macro lens

for 250-300 bucks you can get the sony macro lens for nex system. its f-stop 3.5 until 16 and is very light and well build.the close distance is 2-3 cm and the lens give very nice bokey. lens itss pretty sharp, specially for the price. the autofocus is fast.Exceptionally portable and versatile for everyday use.Continue reading “review: sony nex 30mm macro lens”

vasquez rocks

i was at vasquez park, where the famous rocksformation exits.they shoot many old tv show like a-team, star trek, bill and ted etc.. even the newst star trak was there: Screen capture from 2.0. or the old stratrak episode “area” with worst figth scene ever Screen capture from 2.0. ….here my pictures iContinue reading “vasquez rocks”