maya sprites rendertest in rendeman

its a simple render test of maya sprites in arnold and renderman Studio. it uses a simple noise pattern on a 2d ramp with 2d ramp displacement. one simple noise plugged into a ramp can give a really complex shading behaviour. the extreme displacement come from a simple ramp, this give the smoke more depth.Continue reading “maya sprites rendertest in rendeman”

maya tip: passing on deformed particle and geomtrie

nonlinear deformers or scuplting on geo/partilces are great to tweak your sims. but it will not written into the cache file. the deformation gets always added on top of the cache. this is little bumpy, example: if wanna use the deformed nParticle to emitt into a fluids container. in this case, you can use theContinue reading “maya tip: passing on deformed particle and geomtrie”

Maya playblast tool2

here is an improved version of the playblast script. Jean Denis pointed out the playblasting of more cameras is sequential and parallel. (thanks for that!) which would extreme slow in heavy scene with complex characters or large cache file. the new version of the script capture all cameras on each frame at the same time. Continue reading “Maya playblast tool2”

new old waterfall designer tool

i had time to optimize my rig for old project: this is a quick demo of realtime preview of my waterfall rig. the volume represents the implicitly volume rendering in renderman. i used couds shape to show in maya opengl the size and opacity of the implicit volume (renderman). here example of my expressions setupContinue reading “new old waterfall designer tool”

fire demon setup

i´ve started a private project… i trying to build a action scene with a heavenly fluids driven character. the Inspiration comes form concepts books of warcraft tradings card (by blizzard entertainment) and dungeon and dragons monster books. here is the rig for the character, the shape of body are complete created with maya fluids. theContinue reading “fire demon setup”

waterfall mattepainting WIP 2

here another wip from my research-project…this (6K x 4k) 3d-matte painting and includes: -one 2D animated matte paint (10k x 2k) -one 2D still matte paint. -five 3D rendered animated waterfall texture (2k x 1K) -two real footage animated water-texture there are lots of displaced objects in the 3d-space of nuke and workflow is stillContinue reading “waterfall mattepainting WIP 2”