Apple M1 chip for VFX production

Apple M1 chip for VFX production First a disclaimer, this is my own opinion and only mine.Many people ask me if the Apple silicon CPU/GPU is good for CGI or VFX productions and is it the future?First, let’s have a look at the concept of the silicone chip from apple. Macbooks and Macbooks pro withContinue reading “Apple M1 chip for VFX production”

About Render Engines part 2

Each render algorithms has different benefit in different Scene / Light Situations.  Some common Render engines using following Algorithms: Here is list Pro and Con based on my own Experience :    Pathtracer Pro : Con : BiDirectional Pathtracing Pro : Con : Spectral Rendering Pro : Con : Metropolis Light Transport Pro :  ConContinue reading “About Render Engines part 2”

About Render Engines part 1

This is a quick overview of current render Engines for Houdini and General in terms of MotionGraphics and VFX usage.  There are different RenderEngines out there, each one is unique and uses different method to solve a problem. I am looking into Arnold, RenderMan, Vray, Octane and Redshift. For comparison reason I added Indigo RendererContinue reading “About Render Engines part 1”