digesting Animal logic USD Lab part1

VFX facility Animal Logic has released USD ALab, a free USD asset that the company describes as “the first real-world implementation of a complete USD production scene. see the promo video below. I gave it a try in the latest Houdini19.5 and Solaris. the scene crashed randomly or was super laggy. I gave a shotContinue reading “digesting Animal logic USD Lab part1”

Houdini and Arnold tips 1

a tip especially for Windows Houdini Users. Programs do not show the shell running in it on the Windows operation system, unlike Linux. in some cases getting a pop-up window from Houdini tells what’s wrong. but most of the time you don’t get anything. you don’t what’s going on, especially when you dealing with GPUContinue reading “Houdini and Arnold tips 1”

using Arnold Core under windows

if wanna use arnoldCore with a command line or 3rd party DCC like GafferHQ, you need to install Arnold SDK. it’s a zip archive, you just unpack it and you are done. But to be able to use in Gaffer or command line you want to add the unzip folder to the Window environment. lookContinue reading “using Arnold Core under windows”

Apple M1 chip for VFX production

Apple M1 chip for VFX production First a disclaimer, this is my own opinion and only mine.Many people ask me if the Apple silicon CPU/GPU is good for CGI or VFX productions and is it the future?First, let’s have a look at the concept of the silicone chip from apple. Macbooks and Macbooks pro withContinue reading “Apple M1 chip for VFX production”

Bubble Soup Rendering with Arnold

I’ve picked up an idea from my social media stream, rendering a bubble soup. for this example, I used the idea from Entagma’s tutorial using a flip simulation for bubble soup movement.   the Flip simulation is quite simple and needs fixes to get correct with UV Distortion, but focused on the rendering part. theContinue reading “Bubble Soup Rendering with Arnold”