digesting Animal logic USD Lab part1

VFX facility Animal Logic has released USD ALab, a free USD asset that the company describes as “the first real-world implementation of a complete USD production scene. see the promo video below.

I gave it a try in the latest Houdini19.5 and Solaris. the scene crashed randomly or was super laggy. I gave a shot with Karma and Arnold renderer. the experience in Lops is still awful and lots of features are still missing, just frustrating.

I open the scene with GafferHQ, the experience is quite good and it feels super snappy. the downside, USD is still not fully supported. so I decided to write some scripts to convert USD files into native gaffer shaders inside of the gaffer. I am planning to great a modular converting tool to transfer shader between Arnold, Cycles or the upcoming open source release of MoonRay from Dreamworks animation.

it seems some scene has a lot of Animal Logic-specific settings. like camera projection, UDIM textures etc. issues which I have to solve. I’ve converted the EXR textures into a tx mid-map files which adds another 70GB of data, but this should help to more efficient renderings within Arnold renderer.

I will post more progress as I go along

Published by Heribert Raab

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