using Arnold Core under windows

if wanna use arnoldCore with a command line or 3rd party DCC like GafferHQ, you need to install Arnold SDK. it’s a zip archive, you just unpack it and you are done. But to be able to use in Gaffer or command line you want to add the unzip folder to the Window environment.

look for the Environment options with windows search like here.

  • open the options window for the system environment :

  • Click on the Environment Variables bottom:

  • Click on New under User variables and variable :

  • add a variable name: “ARNOLD_PATH”
  • add variable value: path to your unzip folder like “C:\users\xxx\arnold”
  • also, add 2nd variable “ARNOLD_ROOT” as the value pointing to the same location. this way any application will find the Arnold Core and other tools like txmake etc..

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