procedural sprial

i’ve started new project to create procedural shapes from scratch. i was playing with tan, cos, and sin math, inside Houdini’s VEX editor. the result is a kind of spiral.

then I instanced it with cubes with cosine driven size, inspired by a friend of mine, Gero Wortmann. also, I did some render tests with mantra but is was really slow compared to modo. so, I’ve imported everything and rendered it with Modo. the render times, it’s about a couple of seconds.

i will try to go on and pull out more complex shapes and push the result to fractal complex shapes like mandelbrot-fractals –>the picture below
the 3d fractals like the Mandelbulb takes an insane amount of processor power this day. I will try to keep the datasets in manageable area and fast render times.

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